The Internet & The Journalist

It seems that every day it’s becoming more relevant to look to technology for assistance and information. The progress of technology in our society is at a rapid pace. There is something to be said about the sources for information that could possibly be left in the dust.

We briefly discussed the growing popularity of blogging and the effects on future job opportunities. The ongoing topic thus lead to researching the internet for helpful tips and suggestions to developing a prime online resume and portfolio.

As a result, there are many websites and  blogs categorized under “Journalism and Technology” through Google search engine. The first one to be listed, concentrated on the negative association with email interviews. Various pages suggested that applicants should be weary of the email interviews to be seen as an underlying message of “you’re just not what we want but we don’t want to completely detest your dreams” from employers. Instead, individuals should search to schedule either a phone interview or a face to face interaction, or a series of both. When one engages in email, there is an initial loss of personality and creativity. It is not to suggest that a journalist does not obtain the ability to razzle dazzle via semantics and writing style. They emphasize the importance of personality and aura as a leading factor in interviews.

Transitioning to a move helpful mindset of developing a positive impact to employers,  There are also websites out there seeking to distribute information on the basics of journalism. The Online Journalism Review (OJR). OJR offers great “How-To” guides for individuals seeking tutorials and basic information from reporting to jump start your online portfolio.  The website also gives updated examples of current blogging topics and style to give readers an actual application of their suggested tips and help.

In addition to reading organization’s pages, blogs by college graduates offer a real life look into the process of seeking employment. Mindy Mcadams’s “Online Journalism: Wake-Up Call,” outlines the steps of beginning a journalistic career online.

Examples of journalist portfolio and CV websites:
Portfolio and CV Examples

Create a “Top Notch” Resume


Quick bullets for success:
-Intern your heart out. Even if they are unpaid, the experience is what really counts
-Utilize your social media in an appropriate manner, pro: You can expose your credibility. Con: You can
also destroy it.
-Keep a positive mind and be open to extend your writing ability and skills
-Establish connections, keep in contact with professor, volunteer with local papers, work for your school’s paper
-Read and follow blogs
-Know how to Adapt to the constantly changing world of topics and technology

Websites & Blogs to check out:



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Alliemarie. Junior. Literature Major with a minor in Journalism. I enjoy the unlimited outlets of literature and texts from across the world. I aspire to change the way we view textbooks and their applications in the classroom.
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