Story Telling Project

Have a story to share?

We all have stories and experiences that will stay branded in our thoughts and bodies for eternity. My name is Alliemarie and I am starting a project that is comprised of the stories of individuals across Tuscaloosa.

To be included in the project all you have to share your story with me, and let me photograph a particular portion of you that is closely related to it. For example, if I were share mine I would include the story of how I got a scar on my hand; I would talk about my mishap with a toothbrush and Swiss army knife.  Your story can remain anonymous. If you chose to include information, all you will need to give is a name, age, and hometown.  It’s all voluntary what you tell me, I’m just looking to share your story!

The only condition to being included is that I ask that you please remain as genuine as possible.

Upon finishing the project, I will set up a blog and physical copy of the book. I am seeking to have it published, so if you prefer to not be included upon submission, I will gladly omit your section.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:


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